"See it and feel it"

I’m the kind of friend who sends you photos of your celebrity crush to watch you have a meltdown

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Sometimes I get really bored

this makes me uncomfortable

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Week of October 27th Spoilers



Monday October 27th
- Will is offered a rare opportunity

Thursday October 30th
- A heartbroken Sonny encourages Will to pursue his dream

I just…*deep sad sigh* I know they can’t continue on the way they are, they need a story, but I have a feeling that this is going to be very sad.

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This is like the funniest picture ive seen in my humble 19 years of life

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Week of October 20th Spoilers


Tuesday October 21st

  • Will and Sonny clash over Will’s article about Chad.

Friday October 24th

  • Will admits he feels Sonny doesn’t respect or support him.


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New York City - Snowstorm

Manhattan is beautiful. I can’t wait to live there.

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